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Visit the best places in Serbia only with your friends or family members.

Private Tours from Belgrade

Serbian Taxi Tours

Tours with cars

If you are planning to come in Belgrade or you are already here, why don't you visit the best places in Serbia? Belgrade is the most popular tourist destination in this part of Balcan but our country has much more to offer. We are offering you to explore the beauty of this region in your own private tourist journey from Belgrade. Just you, your friends or family and professional driver on the day tour from Belgrade. With us you can avoide big groups, boring tourist guides and schedule on that you have to adapt.

Your private road trip

Travel and discover Serbia only with your friends and family. We don't offer any shared tours.

Fully flexible tours

You are choosing pickup and dropoff location, time of starting the tour, places and time for a break.

Day trips from Belgrade

Visit some of the most beautiful places in Serbia in your private day trip from Belgrade. The round trip starts and ends at your accommodation.

Taxi Travel

Are you traveling from Belgrade somewhere else in Balkan region? Why would not you visit interesting places on that journey? Visit fortresses, monasteries, nature sights on the way.

Private transfers

Do you need a comfortable transfer from the airport or from Belgrade? We can offer you top quality air-conditioned cars equipped with WiFi internet and polite drivers with English knowledge.

  1. CHOOSE YOUR TOUR - you can choose or modify some of our day-trips or you can suggest places of interest that you want to visit. Also, you can show us some interesting tour offered on some other website and we can make custom tailored tour together.  See our tours!
  2. ASK FOR QUOTE - When you have an idea about your private journey, contact us with all the details and we will calculate the lowest possible price for your trip and sightseeing.  Get in touch!
  3. ENJOY IN YOUR JOURNEY - Our air-conditioned cars and minivans are clean and comfy, equipped with WIFI. Drivers have a good knowledge about places that you are visiting, and they are always friendly and polite. Your satisfaction is our main goal. We want to your review on TripAdvisor and similar websites bring to us new clients. 
Travel and hospitality award winner

No shared tours

No boring guides

Comfy car

8+1 minivan


Enjoy sightseeing of tourist attractions without too many tourist guide stories. Our drivers will gladly share information about the places you visit, but you will be able to enjoy your privacy in a sightseeing and layover. Of course, if you wish, we can hire you a licensed tourist guide, although this raises the price of your private excursion.

Advantages of private journey

The advantages of private excursions in relation to shared group tours are numerous: You do not travel with strangers and do not need to adapt to the schedule of the tourist group and tourist guide. You are starting your journey, taking breaks, having a layover and you are coming back when it suits you. The ride with a comfortable car is much faster and more pleasant than driving with a tourist bus.

All travel costs, such as tolls, parking, and fuel, are included in the travel price. The return tour starts and ends at the address you selected when you agreed with us. Excursions and time for visiting of locations can also be changed on site, but in agreement with the driver.

The price of our travel services does not cover your expenses such as food, drinks, entrance tickets. Also, we do not provide a licensed travel guide that will guide you to pedestrian sightseeing locations you visit, but at an additional cost, it is possible to provide such a guide if there is enough space in the car or minivan we are traveling to. Certainly, drivers have a good knowledge about the places they drive you and will be happy to answer any of your questions.

All of our vehicles are spacious cars or minivans of the new generation. Clean, neat and ready for a long ride during which you can use a free WiFi internet. Everything is adapted to your enjoyment on the road trip, so you can even play your music via a phone connected to a car hi-fi. Excursions that we recommend are the perfect balance of the most beautiful places in Serbia and distance from Belgrade. The prices per of private tours are when you divide your number of your passengers are only slightly more than the excursion prices per passenger in large groups traveling by tourist buses to the same place.



What to see in Serbia?

Take a look at which places in Serbia we suggest you to visit with us, or if you want to visit touristic locations in Serbia that we did not mention in a choice of our excursions, please feel free to contact us and we will make a good custom tailored tour together.



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