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You can choose from our recommended private tours
in Serbia or you can contact us if you want a different day trip.

The best day trips in Serbia

Showed prices are prices per your private group, not per person.

For every private tour, it is possible to chosee few tour options.
Also, if your group have more than 4 passengers, we have an 8+1 minivan available with extra charge.
If you need more time that is on tour plans, an extra hour costs only 8 € making our day trips fully flexible.

Day trip to Novi Sad

Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci

from 80 € per group

Probably the most beautiful city in Serbia. Just 100km from Belgrade.
Beautiful and charming city center, one of the biggest fortresses in Europe, monasteries on the way...

Golubac Fortress

Golubac Fortress and ancient Vimnacium

from 100 € per group

Explore the midevil fortress on the Danube river. But, also we can show you something much older. Ancient areheological Roman site Vimnacium. And that's not all...

Monastery Monasija

Manasija, Ravanica and Resava Cave

from 160 € per group

Private tour full of diversity. Monasteries of Monasija and Ravanica, Reasava Cave, Lisine waterfall and beautiful nature around... 

Uvac lake day trip

Canyon of Uvac,
tour with cruising

180 € per group

If you are a nature lover, cruising the Uvac lake, exploring the cave and spectacular view will be your superb experience.

Avala excursion

Avala private excursion

from 45 € per group

If you don't want to go far away from Belgrade or you don't have much time, than day-tour to Avala is the right choice for you.

Tara, Sargan, Mokra Gora, Mecavnik

Tara, Sargan and Mokra Gora

180 € per group

National park Tara in west Serbia is maybe a little bit far from Belgrade. But definitely worth of the ride. Impressive natural beauty.

Car for long journeys

Other places to visit

Maybe you are interested in some other places to visit in Serbia or neighbour countries, other than shown in our tours offering. See other suggested places of interest or suggest your own custom-tailored tour

Etno village Stanisic,day tour from Belgrade

Etno village Stanisic in Bosnia

from 130 € per group

And if it is in Bosnia, there is only one hour and a half of driving time from the Belgrade airport. Perfect ambient for enjoying the whole family...

Fruška Gora Day Trip

Fruška Gora,
monasteries and wines

from 90 € per group

The most popular wine tour in Serbia. The national park of Fruška Gora is famous for delicious wines and 20 monasteries.

Trip from Belgrade to Sarajevo

Sarajevo, 2-day round trip

from 290 € per group

An impressive mixture of cultures and architectural styles. Sarajevo and beautiful nature on the way there are definitely worth of 6 hours of driving from Belgrade.



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