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Lake in Belgrade












It is a fluvial island that has been artificially converted into a peninsula, located on the course of the Sava River in the center of the city. The island/peninsula also offers more outdoor activities such as tennis or golf among others. It is very popular with citizens and visitors of Belgrade and due to this popularity, Ada Ciganlija has been commonly known as the “Sea of Belgrade”.


What to see in Belgrade?

It is 4 km from the city center, on an artificial peninsula located on the river Save, has been developed a complex of relaxation and sport. Several beaches welcome summer visitors. A veritable oasis of greenery and coolness in a sometimes stifling city in summer, Ada Ciganlija traditionally offers swimming, football games, and chess. Since the island was extended in 2002, golf, paintball, aqua-soccer, field hockey, and rugby are also available, which does not prevent Ada Ciganlija from remaining the ideal place for family picnics and swimming, which are supervised. Faced with its success, the lake has structured its activities. You can practice there:

Ada by night

Golf: Here is the only golf club in Belgrade.

Ski: A track/roller of 10 m gives you the sensations of skiing and snowboarding

Climbing sport: Club Vertical is near bungee jumping.

Water-skiing: or pulled by an aquatic pull-back or even by one boat. From the end of April to the end of September.

Bike: Thanks to many cycle paths, you can walk around the island and beyond by renting mountain bikes per day.


Belgrade sea


Take a swim in the Save

Of course, if you are in Belgrade in the middle of winter, I advise you to do something else. But, in the summer, swimming in the Sava is really something fun to do. For that, you have to go to Ada Ciganlija. There is a whole area with bars and restaurants where you can sunbathe and cool off. A nice place to be aware of the general atmosphere of the city! Here, the few tourists mingle with the inhabitants with conviviality.


Summer in Belgrade

Of course, there are also gravel beaches, one of which, in the end, for nudists, bars and restaurants, a little train that goes around the lake, pedal boat rentals, a water slide, in short, a holiday resort. Unique in the capital. So, on some hot days, there are many people, up to 300,000 people. But there is room, the lake is 4.2 km long and the whole area 800 hectares.


Day in Belgrade recommendation

Especially a little further is Ada Safari, a small lake much wilder and intended for fishing and the contemplation of nature.

To get there buses 51 and 511 from the train station or 23 and 37 from Knez Miloša Avenue. By car, follow the indications “Sajam / Fair” from the center, or always straight from the station leaving it on the left. Parking is 200 RSD for the whole day.


Beach in Belgrade


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