Taxi in Belgrade, Serbia is a specific market. Therefore, Uber is a big issue. Due to traffic jams and not enough taxi stations, the city government limits the number of taxi drivers in Belgrade. And all taxi drivers are in fact entrepreneurs who pay taxes and manage their own earnings and operating expenses and that why there is still no Uber in Belgrade.

Taxi companies and Uber-like apps

Taxi companies only offer to the licensed taxi drivers membership in order to connect them for a fee with taxi users in Belgrade who calls a taxi phone or order a taxi via a mobile phone application. These apps are just like the Uber app. The difference is that when you order a taxi on such an application, you’ll get a regular taxi vehicle that has a taxi-sign on a roof. The driver, in that case, has a taxi license. Exactly that taxi license is an obstacle for Uber.

Transportation of passengers by car from point A to point B for financial compensation under Serbian law falls under Taxi transportation. The fact that the vehicle that works for Uber does not have a roof-sign does not exempt it from this law but puts it in an additional offense because it is required by law to have a taxi board. The same law prescribes what it takes to obtain a taxi license in Belgrade. And the list of those requests is not short.

Uber and Taxi Law in Belgrade

So in Belgrade, by law, you can only be driven by professional taxi drivers who meet these requirements. Some of the requirements are a professional driving license, a minimum of 2 years of professional driving experience, and a passing city knowledge exam. Of course, Uber has every right to start working in Belgrade, but it would have to accept only regular taxi drivers as drivers, not students, and people who want the second job. However, since Belgrade taxi drivers are entrepreneurs who are under no obligation to work through dispatch services, they would certainly not agree to the high fees that businesses like Uber take. That is why, in our opinion, Uber has no great interest in doing business in Serbia. Especially since taxi prices in Serbia are already quite low.


Uber in Belgrade

Uber alternatives

There have been alternatives to Uber in Belgrade for years. However, since this type of transportation is illegal, we would not recommend it to you. When a traffic inspection stops such vehicles, they are seized, and passengers are led to make statements. Such an unpleasant experience does not pay off for a slightly lower fare.


Avoid pirate cabs in Belgrade

Tourists in Belgrade want Uber and not a local taxi because of safety. There is a good chance that you will take a fake taxi that will charge you too much. Of course, if you order a taxi through the app or learn how to make a difference between a fake taxi, expensive taxi, and regular companies chances for ripping-off are less.


Always book your Belgrade Airport transfer in advance

When a taxi charges you amount shown on a taximeter, you never know if that taximeter may have been set to charge more. Or maybe he drives circling around. That is why it is best to book a taxi ride to and from Nikola Tesla Airport in advance at a flat rate.





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