Petrovaradin Fortress

The Petrovaradin fortress is the most recognized historical and cultural heritage to visit in Novi Sad, Serbia. It is a signature city attraction for tourists. It is situated on the right bank of Danube. It is the second-largest fortress in Europe, dates back to the 17th century. This magnificent fortress dominates the skyline and offers a picturesque view of Novi Sad.






In 1682, the foundation of the southern part of the fortress was laid by Charles Eugene de Croy. The fortress was built during the time of Austrian emperors Leopold I, Joseph I, Charles VI, Maria Teresa, and Joseph II. It features various tunnels and a 16 km of mysterious underground countermine system for lodging of soldiers and keeping of weapons.



At the upper fortress site, the relics from Paleothilic settlement were discovered. In 2005, archeologists discovered ramparts while examining remains from early Bronze Age which affirms the existence of a fortified settlement at the Petrovaradin Fortress. The Petrovaradin fortress has the second level of State protection by the Republic of Serbia as it was added to Spatial Cultural-Historical Units of Great Importance protection list in 1991.



Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad

Clock Tower

Clock Tower

On the top of the fortress, there is a baroque tower that carries a huge clock. It is one of the main charms in Novi Sad also known as drunk tower because in summer it slows down and in winter it speeds up. One of the weird things about it is that the small hand tells the minutes and the long hand tells the hours, unlike regular clocks. The hands are the wrong way round to help far-off fishermen passing the Danube to see the time. The clock still shows the correct time and rings every hour.


The EXIT Festival

The Petrovaradin fortress is home to the famous ‘EXIT Festival’. It is one of the largest music festivals in South-Eastern Europe that takes place at Petrovaradin fortress every summer since 2001. The entire city dances with the music of some of the world’s greatest bands and musicians performing on the several stages set up all around the fortress. Snoop Dogg, Sex Pistols, The Prodigy, Nightwish, The Cardigans, Billy Idol are few names that have performed at the festival.



Novi Sad Day-Trip

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