Kalemegdan Castle


I guess with the sun, everything is more beautiful in life, right? Well, we did not have that luck, and the almost 4 days we spent in the city, it rained like Noah’s ark. That did not make us stay inside, of course not, and with borrowed umbrellas and a lot of patience, we went out to tour the city. They will apologize if the photos are not the best…

Belgrade Fortress

The Belgrade fortress consists of the old citadel surrounded by walls and the Kalemegdan Park and is the perfect spot to see the union of the Danube and Sava rivers. Although there is no precise information on when it was built, the first mention made of it dates from the third century BC Here the city of Belgrade was born and here a dozen battles were fought for which Romans, Turks, and Slavs passed between others. Today is a recreation site, the perfect scenic point, and the home of the “banished” statue “La Victoria” (for me, the best part of the ride).


Kalemegdan was a fortress occupied by almost all important empires: Celts, Romans, Byzantines, Goths, Huns, Avars, Austro-Hungarians and Turks, it is said that all important forces have defended or destroyed it at some time. Nowadays it is one of the parks of the city, although formerly it did not lodge nor a tree so that nobody could hide behind it.


Two thousand years old

On the second day of the three that I spent in Belgrade, I visited the fortress of Kalemegdan, which is two thousand years old. During many of them, the population was concentrated inside the wall.

Nowadays it is a huge space where you can find: Houses of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ružica Orthodox Church (visited by many university students before their exams), the Observatory and the Planetarium, the Museum of the Navy, a sports area (tennis courts, basketball, etc.), the Military Museum.

The Forest and Hunting Museum, the Monument of gratitude to France and, therefore it is the favorite of neighbors and visitors, a park with geometric walks, bizarre benches, picturesque fountains and sculptures that review the history of the country.

Work of sculptor Mestrovic, the symbol of the people of Belgrade is on a neoclassical column in a proud and quiet position of a soldier carrying a message of peace. It represents the effort of the Serbian army for its liberation in conjunction with the French army in 1918.

Belgrade is still a not too popular place among the tourist destinations of the Spaniards. Perhaps the fact that it still retains the magic of the semi-unknown makes the Balkan city even more special. Retirees, families, teenagers, basketball players and some tourists live in Kalemegdan Park. The result is a puzzle full of life in the heart of the city. The summer has for me the name of this park and the spontaneity of the Serbian culture.

Belgrade Fortress Church

Belgrade Fortress Church


With the strength of two rivers

Kalemegdan Park reflects the greatness of a culture that has always been defended. Watching it, you can imagine the strength of the city and the inhabitants. It is also a zoo, it is a place of “first kisses”, of exhibitions and concerts…

And on top of everything, the Vencedor, who holds the Serbian pride.

You can walk through the pedestrian and shopping area, the Prince Mihajlo Street, which flows into this corner, like the Sava River on the Danube River…

Probably, it is the center of Belgrade’s culture and, economically, one of the greater

Kalemegdan Castle

Kalemegdan Castle

Tourist attractions of Serbia

It is a fortress in the center of Belgrade. As everything in Serbia has many histories. In this case, used a long time by the Turks, until their expulsion from Serbian,

At the end of Knez Mihailova Street, you will reach the hill where the Kalemegdan Fortress is located, one of the most important places to see in Belgrade. It is the hill where the primitive Roman Singidunum would have been founded, although later almost all the Central European and Balkan civilizations passed through here, including the Austro-Hungarians and the Turks.

Belgrade Military Museum

Belgrade Military Museum

Today you can visit a huge fortress converted into a military museum, full of walls and towers. You will also find here a couple of Orthodox churches, the Ruzica and Petka. However, what we liked most about the Kalemegdan are the views from here of the Danube River.

From the center of Belgrade, you can reach the fortress on foot.Ser


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