Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, is one of the most unknown European capitals and those that are furthest away from tourists. Although its popularity as a tourist destination is far from that of other European cities, more and more visitors are encouraged to discover it. Do you want to know more about Belgrade, how safe it is and why is it worth visiting? Keep reading.

Belgrade is translated as “white city.” It is the largest city in Serbia and the capital of the Republic. It is an ideal place for tourists who are already tired of the beaches and want to discover unexplored Europe.

Belgrade, and Serbia, in general, is a very safe place to travel to ass a tourist. There is a lot of crime on the high level but nothing that ordinary people have to afraid on the streets. Thefts or similar small crimes are not something usual in Serbia. You can walk in any time and every part of Belgrade without reasons for fear.

Serbs are always ready to help tourists, and they are very appreciative of those who try to speak their language but you can speak in English with most of them.




A green city and a high quality of life

The parks of Kalemegdan, Tašjmadan, Topčider, Košutnjak … So many green areas that will delight nature lovers! There are 65 public parks in Belgrade that delight Belgraders and tourists. In the spring, they are a place of rest; in summer they are transformed into shelter costs against the sweltering heat of the city. Young and old like to walk in the alleys lined with trees shaded by the seasons. The parks are also a place of life: you will find crowds of older people competing on chess boards available to onlookers and tourists. Belgraders, like the rest of the Serbs, are also very attached to the homemade, which is reflected, especially in the gastronomy, always fresh products, organic and local. A quality of life that many of us could envy.





The “Nikola Tesla” airport is located approximately 15 km from the center of Belgrade. You can access the city by taking a “minibus,” with a cost of about 300 dinars and departures every 20 to 40 minutes for most of the day, with stops in New Belgrade, the train station and in Slavija Square. When you decide to use a taxi, it is advisable to go to the information desk “Taxi Info,” which is located in the baggage claim area, and request a receipt indicating your destination with the corresponding price. Taxis are located in both the arrivals and departures area.

Remember the need to register with the police as a tourist within 24 hours after arrival (if you stay in a hotel, they will perform the process for you).



You can drive with your driver’s license for a period of six months after entering the country.



The great climatic differences in the different seasons should be taken into consideration, and it is advisable to prepare properly for the journey. Keep in mind that thermal conditions can vary between -20º C in winter to 40º C in the summer season. From autumn to spring, there are not infrequent cases of overflowing rivers, both the largest rivers such as the Danube and the Sava as the smallest.




If you travel by public transport in the interior of the country, it is more advisable to make them on the buses, since the train is much slower.

In cities, especially in Belgrade, public transport is good. We must not forget to buy the transport ticket to avoid being sanctioned by the reviewers. Transportation tickets can be purchased on the bus itself, to the driver, or at any kiosk, where they are purchased at a lower price. Taxi transport is comfortable and, in general, quite affordable, but if you want an airport transfer it is best to book it in advance


  • the usseful info: The voltage of the electrical network is 220V, electrical plugs that meet European standards are installed everywhere. Before going on a trip, check the accounts of all the devices you need and prepare the necessary adapters.


Being still a city to discover for tourism, Belgrade is a city with new hotel offer. However, in the last few years, some hotels have been built and remodeled that comply without problems with the requirements that can be requested of them. Through the Internet, you can find websites with links to hotels in Belgrade and other Serbian cities, as well as on the official website of the city of Belgrade.



The usage of credit cards has grown wider in recent years. Travel checks can be made effective, but not very easily. In the main cities, you can find ATMs without difficulty.

The local currency, the Serbian dinar, has numerous fluctuations in its exchange rate against the euro (currently, around 118 dinars per euro). It is not always possible to exchange dinars in your local countries.

The most common currency is the Euro. There are numerous Change Offices throughout the country.



No major health hazard has been reported in Serbia. Just be sure to be up to date with your universal vaccinations (DTCP, hepatitis B) and that against hepatitis A. Some also recommend to guard against typhoid and tick-borne encephalitis.


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